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  • Private Financing

Our Services

Whether you are a direct lending fund or a private equity firm, we can assist you in your decision-making process and successfully complete complex financing transactions.

We assist investment managers manage deal origination, underwriting and monitoring including creating cash flow or valuation models, covenant analysis, advanced financial models, detailed credit reports, investment proposals and comp-sheets etc. The foundation of our solutions is the extensive competence we have developed across industries enabling us to recognize key industry themes and drivers. Our team supports asset managers perform accelerated yet effective due diligence, help mitigate risk, and ensure superior returns. With a team of dedicated professionals, we can quickly mobilize resources to respond to time-sensitive situations and create bespoke solutions as per your specific requirements.

Investment Analysis

Industry analysis, competitive landscape, business drivers, historical analysis, trading and transaction comparables, etc.

Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow modelling, valuation techniques, waterfall modelling for liability, covenant tracking, scenario analysis and stress testing.

Portfolio Monitoring

Detailed credit monitoring, tracking earnings update and key events, covenant monitoring, updating credit notes and cashflow models.