Direct Lending

With increased competition in the direct lending space, managers need data driven insights to stay ahead of their peers. Managing data in different formats from multiple systems is tedious and time-consuming. Even when using a technology solution, a lot of direct lenders still struggle with inflexible reporting, and slow turn-around time with their legacy technology. They often spend time in data extraction, and data ingestion resulting in over-stretched teams, inadequate coverage and higher total cost of ownership.

We help direct lenders address their challenges with a dedicated team of financial analysts and our proprietary portfolio management platform to provide support through the lifecycle of a transaction. Our analysts augment clients’ in-house team to provide operational leverage with a flexible engagement model. Our technology platform enables a digitized ecosystem for centrally storing all data and automating internal and external MIS reporting requirements.

Our Clients

We work with a range of clients in the direct lending space including 4 out of the top 10 private credit funds globally.

  • Direct Lending funds
  • Business Development Companies (BDCs)
  • SME Lending Platforms
  • Investment Banks

Our Offerings

Our solutions address the challenges direct lenders face with their inflexible, slow, and outdated legacy systems and processes with an adaptable technology ecosystem that can capture the deal nuances while being swift in implementation. The platform provides custom dashboards across sectors to track relevant KPIs, metrics and performance and data aggregation across multiple portfolios enabling benchmarking across the entire book. The system also automates investor reporting and reporting for leverage facilities including concentration limit, borrowing base and bespoke deal covenants. The solution is enabled by an experienced team of analysts for financial spreading, covenant validation of loan obligors, keeping track of the reporting obligations including amendments, drawdowns and waiver requests; providing a holistic solution across both technology and people support.

Transaction Execution Support

Bespoke, robust and reliable modeling services combining specialist modeling skills with deep commercial understanding.

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Portfolio Management

Comprehensive oversight, data management, monitoring and reporting to strengthen and streamline asset management.

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