Financial modeling of infrastructure projects is highly complex and specialized—it involves modeling construction and operational phases, incorporating multi-phase timing delays, complex liability structures with multiple tranches and covenant structures, reserve accounts, tax implications, hedges and numerous scenarios to model. Infrastructure projects also usually require a formal model audit, as any small error in the model could prove to be costly.

Our team offers a full range of financial modeling and monitoring services to both public and private sectors, including infrastructure, power generation and renewable energy. We follow a systematic and methodical approach in creating robust, transparent and reliable financial models with flexible assumptions that can be stressed easily to analyze the project risks and returns.

Our Clients

We work with multiple stakeholders in the infrastructure sector.

  • Investment Banks
  • Credit Funds
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Advisory Firms

Our Offerings

Oxane supports clients in conducting secondary research on markets, financial modeling, model audits and project monitoring.

Advisory Service

Financial Modeling

Bespoke, robust and reliable modeling services combining specialist modeling skills with deep commercial understanding.

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