Real Estate

In an extremely competitive real estate market, it becomes imperative not only to participate in a greater number of transactions but also to have better control in managing existing positions. We provide customized solutions that offer a high level of scalability and flexibility for effectively dealing with these challenges.

We offer comprehensive solutions for both real estate debt and equity investors to provide support across the deal lifecycle - from preliminary screening, investment analysis and financial modeling to post-closure portfolio monitoring and reporting. Our cutting-edge technology platform enables investors to centralize all their data, streamline processes, automate reporting and gain insights.

Our Clients

Oxane has worked with over 25 market participants globally across various strategies and asset types including offices, retail, residential, multi-family, industrial, hotel, student accommodation and mixed use.

  • Private Equity Firms
  • Real Estate Lenders
  • Advisory Firms
  • Developers
  • Asset Managers

Our Offerings

Oxane provides a range of bespoke solutions with flexible engagement models to provide operational leverage, streamline processes or enable digital transformation of real estate firms. Over 200 real estate deals with a combined notional of $35 billion have run through our advisory services or technology platform.

Advisory Services

Financial Modeling

Bespoke, robust and reliable modeling services combining specialist modeling skills with deep commercial understanding.

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Loan Servicing

Redefining the facility agent role with a data-driven approach differentiated by technology.

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Independent Valuation

Valuations on 'hard-to-value assets' for internal, investor or regulatory compliance.

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An award-winning platform that is revolutionizing the way real estate deals are screened, analyzed and managed. Oxane CREST simplifies deal execution and management with zero disruption to existing business processes.

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Engagement Snapshots