Independent Valuation

The need for greater scrutiny, transparency and better valuation practices, as demanded by investors, regulators and auditors alike, has led to a heightened demand for independent valuations of illiquid securities. Regulators also prefer independence throughout the valuation process to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Our specialist valuations team helps in providing independent valuations or supporting in-house valuations team to meet these requirements. We focus on hard-to-value assets covering various alternate asset classes.

Performed by a team of industry experts

Our valuations team has worked at investment desks of global Tier-1 investment banks and collectively brings in a distinct angle on valuation, specializing in a wide range of illiquid asset classes. We can support the provisions of rigorous fair-value assessment criteria and offer a commercial perspective backed by technical rigor and deep insights gained from involvement in numerous transactions.

Covering a range of illiquid and hard-to-value products

Our independent valuation practice covers the following investment products.

  • Whole Loan Portfolios
  • Real Estate Debt
  • Specialty Finance Portfolios
  • Asset-Backed Financing

Robust valuation process led by a team of experts

Each valuation mark goes through stringent checks in an SSAE 18-accredited environment with emphasis on maintaining quality control to help you demonstrate transparency and adherence to best governance standards as demanded by your investors. Our intellectual rigor and in-depth financial market expertise in providing a fair valuation has positioned us as a trusted advisor for global financial institutions.

22 Transactions

$9 Billion Impacted

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