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Whilst the needs of real estate lenders have evolved, the services offered by existing loan servicing and facility agents remain highly commoditized and haven’t kept pace with changing industry demands. Lenders and investors lack transparency with no "real-time" access to transaction-level data and slow turnaround for any reporting requests, all of which have an adverse impact on asset management and decision making.

Our offering brings a proactive approach to loan servicing and is backed by a cutting-edge technology platform and sharp acumen for problem solving, anticipating and managing any expected adverse events of material importance.

Redefining the role of a facility agent

We go beyond the conventional servicing responsibilities, which not only encompasses day-to-day loan management but also includes components of loan surveillance, comprehensive reporting and access to our proprietary technology platform. The services are performed by an experienced, robustly staffed and responsive portfolio management team, and are driven by a multi-layered review process to ensure quality control and quality assurance.

As a loan servicing agent, Oxane takes on responsibilities for the complete loan lifecycle management.

  • Loan OnboardingExtract and review information from loan documents for seamless and swift onboarding
  • Loan Surveillance Monitor ICR, DSCR, LTV, income or expenses and proactively track covenant breaches
  • Loan Administration Proactively track all loan lifecycle events and issue various notices and statements
  • Bespoke Reporting Comprehensive suite of reporting to satisfy internal, external and ad-hoc requirements
  • Cash Management Manage cashflows and loan collections such as scheduled amortization, accrued interest, cash sweeps, arrears, etc.
  • Access to Technology Direct access to the Oxane CREST technology platform to improve transparency, confidence and process-driven efficiencies

Leveraging technology

We provide direct access to our technology platform so that you see what we see. The platform offers access to complete borrower, loan and asset-level datasets, a centralized repository for all underlying documents, reminders for important events, automated alerts for tracking important metrics and interactive performance dashboards.

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