Facility Agent and Security Trustee

Whilst the needs of real estate lenders have evolved, the services offered by existing providers can be found wanting when it comes to providing access to accurate data, proactive surveillance, investor reporting, and regulatory compliance. A lack of transparency, long turnaround times for data or reports and a fragmented view of performance impede decision making.

We act as your facility agent and security trustee supporting you on all types of real estate financing transactions by bringing data transparency, streamlining portfolio management and providing proactive monitoring and surveillance on your investments.

Redefining the role of a facility agent

Our offering brings a digital-first approach to loan servicing, bringing automation for borrower data management, loan surveillance, investor reporting, and regulatory compliance. We envision the role of a facility agent and security trustee as a value-creator for your business rather than as an administrative overhead.

We support you not only in conventional day-to-day loan administration functions but also enable direct access to our award-winning technology platform trusted by leading real estate lenders for data management, loan surveillance, portfolio management, and reporting. We are an experienced, robustly staffed, responsive team, and all our servicing activities are governed by a multi-layered review process to ensure quality control and assurance.

As a facility agent and security trustee, we take on responsibilities for the complete loan lifecycle management.

  • Loan Onboarding Extract and review information from loan documents for seamless and swift onboarding
  • Loan Administration Proactively track all loan lifecycle events and issue various notices and statements
  • Cash Management Manage cashflows, disbursements and loan collections such as scheduled amortization, accrued interest, cash sweeps, arrears, etc.
  • Loan Surveillance Monitor ICR, DSCR, LTV, income or expenses and proactively track covenant breaches leveraging our technology platform
  • Bespoke Reporting Comprehensive suite of reporting to meet any internal, external, regulatory or ad-hoc requirements
  • Access to Technology Direct access to Oxane CREST technology platform to improve transparency, confidence and process-driven efficiencies

Underpinned by a robust technology foundation

With a proven technology platform as the foundation, we help our clients elevate loan servicing from a perfunctory role it currently assumes to a more evolved, proactive approach in portfolio management that is focused on anticipating issues before they surface.

Our offering brings in the benefits of:

  • Proactive Approach Servicing with a sharp acumen for anticipating and managing any expected adverse events of material importance
  • Streamlined Data Management Automated borrower reporting to ensure all data is digitized, validated and standardized at source ensuring completeness and accuracy for a robust data foundation
  • Complete Transparency Direct access to our technology platform so you view the same data and reports that we see and in real-time
  • Increased Scalability Technology-driven ecosystem that can scale easily to manage growing loan books
  • Better Data Quality Automated multi-level validations digitize data at source and improve timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of data

Our Clients

We work with a broad range of real estate debt providers including:

  • Real Estate Debt Funds
  • Warehouse Lenders
  • Marketplace Lenders

Rated by DBRS Morningstar

Oxane’s proprietary technology is a core strength. Oxane CREST, the principal application for commercial mortgage servicing and asset management, demonstrates robust functionality and automation. The company monitors asset and transaction-level performance with a demonstrated ability to provide comprehensive analytics and reporting.

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