Master Servicing

Asset managing large portfolio investments spread across jurisdictions and managed by multiple servicers usually means onerous data management and inadequate servicer oversight. A lot of time is spent in consolidating and standardizing data, and creating relevant reporting for risk and performance analysis. With nearly no technology, these bottlenecks become a big drag on investment firms’ growth.

With a depth of expertise across real estate, loan portfolios, asset backed lending and corporate credit investments, we are well placed to support investment firms with their master servicing requirements. As a master servicer, Oxane ensures smooth management of your investment positions with robust data management, complete servicer oversight, and automated reporting by leveraging its technology platform.

  • Data Management Validating data provided by primary servicers, liaising with them for quality issues and creating accurate and uniform datasets that form the single source of truth across portfolios
  • Reconciliation Carrying out detailed reconciliation exercises for balances, cash, and servicer(s) fees
  • Servicer Oversight Regular monitoring of servicer performance on both quantitative and qualitative aspects that allows investors to take proactive action to improve performance and adopt industry best practices
  • Bespoke Reporting Comprehensive suite of bespoke reporting to satisfy any internal, external or ad-hoc requirements
  • Access to Technology Direct access to the technology platform enabling access to underlying data-sets and the entire reporting package removing operational inefficiencies
  • Dedicated Team Highly experienced team with underwriting and servicing experience and a depth of asset expertise

Technology that drives performance

  • Streamlined Data Management Ensuring data received from servicers is timely, accurate, and complete
  • Complete Transparency Direct access to our technology platform so you have real-time access to all data and reports
  • Increased Scalability Technology-driven ecosystem that can scale easily to manage growing portfolios
  • Better Data Quality All data is digitized, validated, standardized and made available on our cloud-based technology platform for real-time access
  • Leverage Historical Data Enable you to leverage data from historical transactions as a source of intelligence for underwriting new transactions

We provide master servicing support on a range of illiquid credit investments, covering the following investment products:

  • Real Estate Debt
  • Asset-backed Financing
  • Whole Loan Portfolios
  • Private ABS

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