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Portfolio management of alternative assets can be quite challenging. Many investment firms do not have a dedicated asset management team as it can be expensive to maintain and scale-up onshore. Those who do often find it daunting due to the complex nature of transactions, huge volumes to unstructured data and lack of appropriate technology. This means that in-house team spends considerable time aggregating data rather than focusing on core asset management.

In combination with our proprietary technology, our portfolio management team helps you navigate through these challenges in a cost-effective manner. As a surveillance partner or an extension of your asset management team, Oxane provides comprehensive solutions by supporting you with ongoing data management, monitoring and reporting services and providing the right technology to establish a complete ecosystem for a more proactive and data-driven asset management approach.

Comprehensive asset management support

Our portfolio management offering is designed to help investment firms navigate all challenges related to asset management efficiently through a combination of our specialized portfolio management team and proprietary technology. This offering covers real estate, loan portfolios, direct lending, asset backed financing and private equity transactions. We help investment firms with the following:

  • Data ManagementManage, standardize and validate data feeds from various sources to ensure your decisions are based on accurate and complete datasets
  • Portfolio MonitoringAssist the onshore asset management team in closely monitoring the portfolio and identifying potential red flags and early warning signals
  • Bespoke ReportingSupport and streamline various internal, investor and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Back Office SupportOperating partner for activities such as loan administration, cash and position reconciliations, account calculations, etc.

Strengthening the core in a cost-effective manner

Our comprehensive solutions help clients create an institutional asset management set-up with cutting-edge technology and dedicated support from our portfolio management team. We help clients maintain control over their proprietary data, access information on a real-time basis and drive operational efficiencies by managing routine and repeatable processes.

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