Portfolio Management for NPL Portfolios

We combine the powerful digital capabilities of Oxane Panorama PM, our understanding of the asset class and our expertise in working with special servicers across multiple jurisdictions to provide you a comprehensive portfolio management solution for managing your non-performing loan portfolios. Our solution helps you overcome data complexities by standardizing and centralizing all data and documents on one platform and provide an independent oversight over your servicers to manage all data that you can rely on to understand portfolio performance, track resolution progress and generate actionable insights.

We are enabling portfolio management of NPL portfolios through our proprietary platform, Oxane Panorama, enabled by a team of NPL experts. With this blend we streamline data management, data disparities, data quality issues across multiple servicers or jurisdictions, and automate reporting, analytics and portfolio dashboards so you have the efficiency and control to manage your investments and the scalability to match your growth projections.

Transform your portfolio management processes

  • Better data for better decision By centralizing and standardizing the entire data, we ensure that you always have high-quality data to drive all your decisions.
  • Independent oversight We provide an independent oversight over your servicers to manage all data and variance related issues, so you can better utilize your time on other priorities.
  • Portfolio dashboards Visualize concentration risk and portfolio evolution and slice and dice portfolios at will
  • Variance analysis Analyze underwriting versus actuals variance on cost, and timing parameters
  • Resolution workflows Automate approval process and track the progress of resolutions, all in one place
  • Scale with agility Easily scale your portfolios across jurisdictions with our multi-lingual support and multi-jurisdiction expertise

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