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The Great Balancing Act

Anubhuti Verma, Assistant Vice President - Marketing, Oxane Partners


"One of the things that my parents instilled right from childhood was the importance of hard work and creating a strong educational foundation. They also emphasized a lot on being independent and taking ownership of one's decisions, regardless of the outcome"


Growing up years

Born into a middle-class family, Anubhuti Verma, grew up in Delhi. Her parents, originally from Varanasi, moved base to the national capital in the early years of their marriage. Her mother, a teacher, and her father, an engineer, maneuvered through the challenges of settling in a big city. Their initial struggles, perseverance, and hard work became the guiding principles for Anubhuti and her siblings. "From growing up in a small village amidst financial difficulties to becoming a well-traveled engineer, who frequently runs out of pages in his passport, my father greatly understood and emphasized the value of education and hard work. The way he turned around his life has always been an inspiration."

Being a science teacher, Anubhuti's mother was a strict disciplinarian. Her focus was on giving her children a strong educational foundation and helping them realize their potential. "My father traveled often and could be away for weeks at a stretch. My mother efficiently complemented him in fulfilling parental responsibilities."

Anubhuti grew up in a multidisciplinary environment. "At home, we could be thumbing through our mother's science books and teaching material or sneaking into the spare room where our dad kept his tools and spare parts." Her mother's roots in the culturally rich city of Varanasi also exposed her to Indian classical music, dance, and literature during her formative years. Anubhuti's maternal grandfather, a writer, and a poet, still publishes in local magazines and newspapers. These early influences had a huge impact on shaping her interests. Physics, Mathematics, and English became her favorite subjects in school. Outside school hours she enjoyed reading and writing.

Shaping my Career Path

"Right from the beginning, my parents taught us to be independent. Be it trivial matters at school or major decisions like choosing my college, career, or life partner, they let me choose my own path. This also meant taking full responsibility for these decisions and being prepared to handle the outcomes - favorable or unfavorable. Over the years this has given me the confidence to deal with change and unstructured situations in my professional and personal life."

After completing engineering in Information Technology and MBA in Marketing, Anubhuti started her professional journey in the presales function at Infosys. Even though she was the youngest hire on the team, she had the opportunity of working with senior leaders and business heads. During her three-and-a-half-year tenure at Infosys, she got to learn the ropes of the business and the nuances of the corporate world. Not the one to be complacent, she decided to move on and take up a new challenge. After working for a large, global, and well-established brand, she joined Jabong, then a startup in the e-commerce industry. This opportunity gave her a chance to work in a constantly changing environment, a stark contrast to her first employer, where the systems were well defined. Even though this was a brief and challenging stint, Anubhuti felt it helped a great deal in refining her skills as a professional.

Growth with Oxane

An opportunity to learn and grow in a new niche led her to explore a marketing role at Oxane Partners. Curious but cautious, she made up her mind over several interactions lasting nearly ten months.

"I got to interact with several senior leaders at Oxane during these discussions. The founders were very forthcoming in answering my queries. Their openness in going into the details of why they felt Oxane had an edge over competitors, why private markets will be a high-growth space, and how they planned to bootstrap their growth convinced me to take a leap of faith."


Even though Anubhuti majored in Marketing during her MBA, she shares it is here that she learned the ropes of B2B Marketing. Being the first hire in the Marketing function meant there was no precedent to build on. In her early days, she was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the marketing function. From revamping the company website and creating collaterals to running PR campaigns and pitching for industry recognitions, Anubhuti handled multiple responsibilities. "This experience not only accelerated my learning but also gave me the confidence to deal with new challenges."

My manager has been a constant pillar of strength for me right from day one. From being a guide and mentor to giving me a free hand at work, my manager has helped me grow from strength to strength. It has been a fantastic ride in terms of my career journey and the organization's growth journey. The autonomy has helped me become comfortably accountable." Anubhuti takes great pride in working for Oxane Partners. The value system of the organization is based on openness and approachability. Oxane Partners fosters an environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Personal milestones

The organization's commitment to its employees is reflected in its vibrant and flexible work culture. When Anubhuti decided to embrace motherhood, the people-centric approach of the organization helped her sail through pregnancy smoothly. After resuming work post maternity break, thanks to an employee-centric environment, Anubhuti has been able to strike a balance between her professional aspirations and personal responsibilities.

"My manager has been very supportive in helping me tide through this initial phase of motherhood."


While motherhood and work now occupy a major chunk of Anubhuti's life, she still tries to take time out for her hobbies. She considers herself an explorer at heart, always curious to know more. Having grown up in an environment where intellect and education were the cornerstones of personal development, reading is an essential part of Anubhuti's life. Anubhuti has inherited a deep love for travel thanks to her father, who himself is a well-traveled person. “My spouse and I love to travel on-the-fly and explore offbeat destinations. We once traveled to Goa during monsoon but did not visit a single beach. Instead, we explored the beautiful countryside and soaked in the beauty of nature. On our visit to Paris, we were happy to spend more time exploring museums and food the city had to offer, opting to adore the Eiffel Tower from afar. On our trip to Japan, when the weather played spoilsport and we could not visit Mount Fuji, we decided to go for a three-day hike through the lesser-known Dewa Sanzan mountains.

The road ahead

Anubhuti shares that she has evolved as a professional. She has become more open to accepting new challenges and uncomfortable situations but there is no scope for complacency. "Even after 4.5 years, I still have a lot to learn. At the pace the business is growing, you have to be on your toes constantly." She thinks this makes Oxane a great place for fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike. “When you join an organization that is growing so fast, there is no dearth of opportunities for you to grow and learn.” Anubhuti also vouches for the company's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Oxane has been an equal-opportunity employer since its early days. The founding team comprised nearly 40% women in leadership roles, and ever since there has been a steady focus on improving diversity and inclusion at the firm.

"In the time I have been here the number of women employees at Oxane has grown by 13 folds, while the total employee count grew 6 folds".

Anubhuti describes her journey at Oxane as an exciting one and is looking forward to many new milestones on the road ahead.

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