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High Risk, Higher Returns

Upneet Singh, Manager, Portfolio Management Group, Oxane Partners


"Hailing from Pratapgarh, a beautiful small town in India, if there's one thing that Upneet Singh, one of Oxane's successful young leaders at Oxane Partners, learned, is to never settle, never be afraid to ask for more, and relentlessly chase those big dreams!"


Being open to newer possibilities

Like many young, driven teenagers, with eyes on the prize, Upneet Singh left his home to prepare for a local engineering college and later secure a local job. Little did he know that an interesting chain of events would lead him to enter one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India. Upneet applied for one of the toughest STEM schools in the country, only after his family, friends, and classmates at a local coaching center made him realize that he was meant for more than the original course he set his eyes on!

Going against the tide

"The common stereotype is that to have a thriving career in finance one needs to have studied the subject at grad school. However, Upneet challenged this norm. Armed with an Integrated B.Tech. in Process Engineering + MBA from IIT Roorkee, unlike most of his peers, Upneet decided to explore new possibilities. Instead of picking a traditional role, his desire to build, and experiment, led him to join a promising new startup, designing cutting-edge tech solutions for the private market industry (In case you didn't get it, full disclosure, we mean us - Oxane Partners)."


Soon, Upneet became one of the key members, pivotal in shaping the organization's continuously evolving line of offerings. Being open to fresh ideas, led him to work across three teams, and gain cross-functional experience across a career spanning almost six years on his first job! Post achieving many feats for the organization, Upneet now leads a team of 12 as a manager in our Portfolio Management Group.

Turning dreams into reality

He is one of our young achievers and leaders in the making! (No kidding, he is just 27 years old). When asked what it is, that helps him do well in his career while achieving several personal milestones like traveling around the country, recently marrying the love of his life, and finally owning his first apartment (sic! talk about life goals), Upneet says,

"Often in life, we tend to undermine our abilities and draw our limitations. From time to time, our mind fits us into these pre-designed boxes making us believe that we are not good enough. This is why we fear getting out of our comfort zones, experimenting, and being open to new learnings, inadvertently holding us back from tapping into our potential. I have learned that simply not being afraid of the unknown, especially in my 20s, has enabled me to chase bigger dreams and discover new paths to turn them into reality!"

And perhaps he is right. In today's hyper-connected world, where information and education are available on our devices, no dream job or career is too far off from becoming a reality. Provided, you are surrounded by the right people. A team of achievers, and doers, who consistently believe in you, challenge you to challenge your fears, and motivate you to turn your big plans into reality!

You are the average of the five people you're surrounded by

At the right phase of his life, Upneet stumbled upon the right people who enabled him to craft bigger goals for himself. Be it his family, friends, coaching centre, seniors at Oxane, colleagues, or most importantly his life partner. By surrounding himself with the right people, he was able to accelerate his growth in life.

As young adults, who spend most of their time working at the office, it is no secret that surrounding themselves with empowering bosses, and supportive colleagues can help to unleash one's superpowers. Upneet points towards this when he talks about finding a culture fit for young professionals.


"As a fresher, I was lucky to have mentors within the firm who constantly enabled me to experiment, learn and work across various teams. I wasn't afraid of taking risks when it came to learning. But having colleagues whom you can fall back on, helps to eliminate the fear of failure. I had that as a fresher and as a Team Lead now, I aspire to build the same atmosphere for everyone who works with me! This is why for young professionals, just starting their careers, my advice would be to find the right culture fit. Only when you do that, will everything else follow. Be it career growth, financial well-being, or attaining personal milestones!"

And honestly, we couldn't agree more!

Working with us means connecting with dreamers and doers who will enable you to not be afraid of dreaming big and being mentored by leaders who encourage you to challenge your limitations!

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