Enabling a bank to regain control of borrowing base management

About the client

The client is a large US bank. The lender financing desk of the bank extends credit facilities to platforms across litigation financing, corporate loans, art financing, equipment financing, and the like.

The Challenge

The bank extends credit facilities to multiple originators. These facilities are backed by granular underlying collateral pools, each having tens of thousands of receivables. With frequent drawdowns and large amounts of data to be verified and processed at each drawdown, the bank faced challenges in effectively managing their credit risk.

Read the case study to learn how Oxane helped the bank by acting as borrowing base agent and:
  • Tightened monitoring by independently verifying borrowing base reports and flagging discrepancies at every drawdown, asset addition and interest payment date.
  • Helped the bank regain control over portfolio and risk management and make informed decisions.
  • Helped the bank grow their asset-backed lending book with confidence.

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