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Due-diligence and analysis of secured non-performing loans and real estate portfolios is a complex endeavor with constantly evolving data room and a large amount of information that requires processing within tight timelines. In our experience, more time is spent on consolidating the data from multiple sources rather than acting on it. Further, lack of appropriate systems means firms cannot leverage this valuable data and intelligence for future transactions.

Oxane Panorama DD is a powerful portfolio due-diligence platform that streamlines the entire process by providing an ecosystem for all parties to collaboratively work together and exchange data in a digitized manner. Due-diligence inputs can be accessed and aggregated at the click of a button and intuitive dashboards keep track of the progress on a real-time basis and all data points can be leveraged easily for insightful analytics.

Streamlining the due-diligence process

The platform aids various stakeholders in running the entire due-diligence process more efficiently. Sellers and sell-side advisors can significantly cut down the time to sell by running the process more efficiently. Buyers and buy-side advisory firms can manage the due-diligence process effortlessly so that more time can be spent on analyzing information and core underwriting.

  • Sellers
  • Advisory Firms
  • Buyers

Enabled with powerful features

Portfolio Overview
Stratification tables and charts to show overall portfolio composition
Reporting Templates
Custom templates for due-diligence counterparties to submit their responses online
Due-diligence Dashboard
Real-time tracking of progress made by various due-diligence vendors
Comparables Analysis
Captures valuation comparables for properties submitted by the brokers with powerful analytics
Red Flags
Easily keep track of all open red flag items and manage their statuses
Drilldown Details
Summaries at all levels of the portfolio consolidating information from seller data tape and due-diligence
Roll-up Dockets
Automatic creation of comprehensive dockets for roll-up sessions
Data Export
Easily export all data in an Excel format to create a master data tape for pricing

Client Story

Making due-diligence process easy for loan portfolio acquisitions

Digitizing the portfolio due-diligence processes to make it swift, robust and insightful.

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