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Investors in loan portfolios face multiple challenges in asset managing these complex positions as it requires managing large volumes of unstructured data from multiple sources in various formats. As a result, firms often rely on spreadsheets for carrying out their analysis and meeting reporting requirements, which makes the process highly inefficient, is prone to operational errors and poses scalability issues.

Oxane Panorama PM is a flexible portfolio management platform for managing loan portfolio and asset-backed financing transactions. With its flexible data warehouse and powerful reporting module, it can host range of transaction types and can generate custom reporting for performance tracking, risk management and insightful analytics. The platform in combination with our offshore team provides a comprehensive solution for investors to manage data and streamline the entire portfolio management process.

Addressing the key challenges

Oxane Panorama PM is designed for investors investing in a variety of portfolio deals and addresses their portfolio management, surveillance and reporting needs.


Standardize data across all your transactions


System that delivers a 'single source of truth'


Complete control over your data and portfolio management processes


Spend your valuable time on data analysis rather than data management


Swiftly scale-up your business without compromising on asset management quality

Powerful features for investment managers

oc Intuitive Dashboards

Track performance versus business plan and analyze trends

oc Bespoke Reporting

Custom reports to capture the nuances of each transaction

oc Multi-level Drilldown

Easy to drilldown to the granular level of details

oc Early Warning Signals

Automated alerts to proactively identify potential red flags

oc Export in Multiple Formats

Conveniently export data in multiple formats including Excel and PDF

oc Seamless Collaboration

A secure, intuitive and scalable ecosystem for efficient and seamless collaboration amongst various stakeholders

Client Story

Portfolio monitoring for an alternative credit manager

Streamlining monitoring and reporting on a portfolio of consumer loans using the Oxane Panorama PM platform.

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